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   #1 in Self-Adhesive Fabric 

Photo Tex is the original re-positional peel & stick polyester fabric material. Photo Tex can be easily installed on virtually any reasonable surface and withstand different climate controls. You can bleed to the edges and not worry about curl.  Photo Tex does not peel, rip or wrinkle indoors or outdoors. Photo Tex can be moved and re-applied over and over again. We believe we are the ONLY adhesive that does not weaken or strengthen over time. Our material is US patented, green and nontoxic.  Stick for a day – Stick for a decade – still removes with no issues .

What’s New:

JUST IN : 2nd US Patent – Photo Tex has just received its 2nd US Patent to protect our Brand Name!

(NEW) Aqueous  Opaque       Block-Out – Photo Tex (OPA) : 99% block-out and  brighter white point then our original. This new version is great for overlapping, hiding marked and colored walls and vivid colors. Can be printed with any water-base, latex or UV inks. In stock: 36”, 42” and 60” x 100ft rolls. Ask for a free Sample!  note: for outdoor use we recommend 40 degrees or higher with this version.

Solvent (OPAS) Opaque/Block-Out version is due in Summer 2014  Ask for a free sample today by emailing

(NEW) Photo Tex (EX) and (EXS) High Tack – this new version is a 50% higher tack for textured surfaces, eggshell paints, cement, outdoor venues and permanent installs. Currently available in (EX) 42” Aqueous and (EXS) 54” Solvent rolls. May be too strong for most painted dry walls.  

SPECIAL –  Ask your dealer about our 24″ Water-Base odd length rolls (less than 100ft) – up to half price off.

ISA_Expo2014_RGB_web_no_tag[1]See the NEW media in          Booth#2024   


Walter, We just tried the New Opaque and was very impressed with its brighter white point and the  block out , so excited to also offer this to our customers. We tried 15 other alternatives and find no reason to switch, we are done with the “copycats” coming through our door. – Paul C.
Just talked with you on the phone about Photo Tex. This is the absolute GREATEST material I have ever printed! Over that past weekend we completely re-decorated my son’s room with this material just so we could take some photos for the newspaper ads. -Dave
Hi Walter, Just wanted to check back with you. I received your sample roll and have been testing it out and showing it to some of my clients.The response has been overwhelming, everyone I have brought a sample piece to has loved it! I find it great to work with and I’m impressed beyond belief. -Jason
Looking at your Pinterest... wow, you can use it for elevator wraps?  I can’t imagine with the doors constantly moving that it wouldn’t start peeling up, but maybe this is why everybody speaks so highly of it. -Patrick

Award Winning Installs

Major Retail Outlets, Malls,  Stadiums, Hospitals, Government Buildings, Hotels, Homes and Main Events to name a few places using the incredible award winning and patented Photo Tex.

Some Notables: - 2014/2013/2012 Cotton Bowl, Dallas Cowboy Stadium –  Casinos (MGM, Aira, New Orleans,Borgata..) –  NASCAR Headquarters and Race Teams –  NHL Teams & Stadiums –  NFL Stadiums & 2013 Pro-Bowl  -  2013 Olympics –  EA Games –  Game Play Posters –  Armed Forces stickers and posters –  Cooler Wraps – MillerCoors, Pepsi, Coca-Cola. –  Anheuser-BuschRetail Chain Outlets – Macy, Victoria Secrets,  Harley Davidson, JCP – Cell Phone stores outlets. – Restaurants , McDonald’s, Whalburgers.. – Movie and commercial backdrops – John Deere, Caterpillar – and many many more

  See over 190 Live Installs 

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