Our Customers Say the Nicest Things


Don’t just take our word for it. Read what customers have to say about Photo Tex peel & stick adhesive material.

That’s a Wrap!

Nhulunbuy, Australia

Photo Tex is applied to nearly 330 feet of photographic prints depicting indigenous life in the 1970’s on display for students and facility to see at a school in Australia. Made of 100% polyester fabric, Photo Tex is water resistant and can be illuminated with backlighting and wrapped around walls, poles, corners and even ceilings.

Transforming Art into Larger than Life Masterpiece

Wiregrass Museum of Art
Dothan, Alabama

At first look, it’s a constellation. But upon a further examination, Derek Cracco’s work reveals something of much more significance. His art isn’t restricted to fit a frame. No, Cracco uses a whole wall to express men and women and the art of romance through a printmaking exhibit utilizing Photo Tex. The adhesive material ensures Cracco’s artwork can be removed from surfaces without damage.

Adding Retro Feel to Workplace Environment

Seattle, Washington

An online photo editing and design service headquartered in Seattle, Washington collaborated with a local artist to add some color and creativity to the organization’s open workspace. They wanted to mirror the look of retro photo booths for its meeting pods.

Taking Brand Awareness to New Reaches

Austin, Texas

As the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” And for WernerCo, the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ladders and climbing equipment, they wanted to make a big impression on attendees at a tradeshow event in Austin, Texas. This wouldn’t be your ordinary wrapping job. Rather, the goal of WernerCo would be to showcase its brand across a 12,000 square foot historic building in the heart of Austin for a private party. The buildings’ exterior needed to be preserved while ensuring the display could combat all weather elements.

Photo Tex Advances Racing Team Graphics


For a racing team, you can’t have a car whizzing around the track without broad and fresh wraps, decals and stickers. But, it’s not just all about vehicle graphics. In particular, a racing company looked to promote its racing across wall and floor graphics throughout its facilities. In the past, the depth of the weave and the adhesives of their prints never seemed to be strong enough for slightly uneven or old surfaces until they decided to test a new material known as Photo Tex.

Getting Creative with Education

Wyoming State Museum
Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Wyoming State Museum planned to unveil a new interactive educational exhibit showcasing the many habitats present across the state. With a large quantity of artifacts coupled with limited space, it’s critical to utilize every square inch of space. The museum curator envisioned a display transporting children and adults to an immersive outdoor environment. That’s where floor-to-ceiling murals depicting Wyoming’s diverse landscape would educate and convey the museum’s message.

Step Back & Gain Perspective on Artwork

The Binghamton University Art Museum
Binghamton, New York

You may not know who Milton Glaser is, but you’re sure to recognize his work. Glaser is most notably know for his ‘I Heart NY’ logo design representing the spirit of New York City that can be found on anything and everything. An exhibit showcasing the artists’ original works at the Binghamton University Art Museum features blown-up prints consisting of layers of shapes, lines and dots that come together to create an image of a landscape or a figure. In order to showcase the full effect of Glaser’s art, the university utilized Photo Tex as a way to successfully stretch the prints over bumps and grooves of the wall.

Wall Art Serves as Canvas to Promote Uniqueness

Lava Lounge
Cleveland, Ohio

Jordan Wong is an independent graphic designer residing in Cleveland, Ohio. His artwork infuses Chinese heritage with American upbringing to deliver pieces unique to the environment they are being presented. Utilizing Photo Tex peel & stick, adhesive material, Wong is able to showcase his large-scale artwork in a more casual setting such as coffee shops and restaurants.